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Fic: Selfish

Title: Selfish
Author: freakingcrups
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. I do not make any profit from this story.
Summary: Harry doesn't think he is selfish by keeping his son away from his father, Draco Malfoy. He reflects on how Scorpius was made.
Pairing/s: Draco/Harry
Rating: NC-17.
Words: 2,999 words.
Warnings: Rough sex, mpreg, bottom!Harry.
A/N: I admit, I was having a little trouble with the tenses. I fixed it as much as I could but switching from past to present tense is a bad habit of mine. I don't have a beta, so don't kill me? This is a one shot, but the chances are, after I deal with uni exams, I'll definitely be writing a sequel.

He’s not selfish. He wasn’t. A part of him felt horrible for it, but he didn’t do it out of selfishness. He didn’t want to keep Scorpius to himself; he just wanted to protect his son. He wasn’t saying Malfoy was that much of an ass that he’d reject his son either. He was just saying that Malfoy and he weren’t exactly friends. Actually, they were far from it. The sex? Well, there was only that one time and it had been rough. It wasn’t even about pleasure, not really. It was more about dominance and power. Both Malfoy and Harry were drunk, but that didn’t make any of their actions sloppy either. The blonde seemed to hold his alcohol as well as Harry did. He didn’t drink much, but he had on that night.

Hermione had begged Harry to come to the Ministry Ball. He wasn’t a big fan of them, especially considering the fact that since the defeat of Voldemort, he could sense some people were wary of him. But that was human right? To fear what or who is stronger than you? She managed to convince him, but Harry believed it was blackmail, no matter how much she would deny it. Apparently, he didn’t want to disappoint Ron by not supporting his best friend and his promotion. ‘It means a lot to him, Harry. He wants you to be there.’ Hermione had crossed her arms, her eyes narrowing. ‘Don’t upset him.’ Harry wasn’t really afraid of upsetting Ron, he was more worried about the five month pregnant Hermione, who had been holding her wand quite tightly. Either way, he wouldn’t have missed it anyway. Ron was getting promoted after all.

Running into Malfoy had been an accident. He quite literally did run in to him, though. He hadn’t been watching where he was going and after six, or seven, no, it had to have been around nine drinks, he was just a little bit tipsy. Of course, spilling his drink on Malfoy’s shirt hadn’t been the best idea. He knew he wouldn’t hear the end of it. As soon as it happened, Malfoy’s whining had started. Harry knew that if he had listened to it anymore, he would surely have a headache. He had grabbed the blonde, quite forcefully, and dragged him into the bathroom. The other man had raised his eyebrow and smirked. ‘Trying to get me naked, Potter?’

Harry had only snorted in response. ‘You wish, Malfoy.’ Though, even he could admit that the ex Slytherin had something about him. It wasn’t cute, or beautiful (even though Malfoy had some sort of exotic beauty about him), but it was hot. Hot, handsome and it made Harry flush around the neck. ‘Take off your shirt.’

‘Why Potter, I think you want me to shag you.’ Harry had only snorted again at the notion and raised his own eyebrow.

‘Malfoy, I’d be the one doing the shagging.’ He would never have admitted that he liked being the bottom. Not to Malfoy, anyway. Ron and Hermione hadn’t even known that he was gay at that point. He certainly wasn’t going to tell this prat that he was.

‘Potter, I take you as a bottom boy.’ Harry wasn’t quite sure how he felt about Malfoy taking him as anything. It sounded as though the blonde was insinuating that he was gay. There was no doubt that he was, but Malfoy didn’t know that, right? Not unless he had only his own personal gaydar, but that would have required the other male being gay as well.

Harry pushed Malfoy against the wall, his eyes darkening. If he had suspicions about Harry, then it wouldn’t take long before the Daily Prophet would comment on it. ‘Fuck off, Malfoy.’ Harry didn’t really comprehend the lips against his own until he was turned and pushed against the wall, hard. Malfoy had not only switched their positions, but he seemed more enthusiastic than Harry about being in charge. His knee slipped between Harry’s legs, rubbing against his cloth-covered groin. He couldn’t help but let out a groan and pushed at the blonde’s shoulders. Not hard enough to push him away, because for Merlin’s sake he wanted this, but just enough to let Malfoy know that he wasn’t going to go down easy.

Malfoy’s own groan had told him that that was exactly how he liked it. His hand fisted the top of Harry’s dress shirt and pulled him away from the wall a little, before pushing him back against it again, harder than before. He admitted that he probably liked this more than he should have. This was Malfoy, after all! The kiss was rough, yet powerful, and it was irresistible. Their teeth knocked and their tongues battled for dominance. The Slytherin won, but Harry liked to believe it was because he let him win.

Malfoy’s shirt was off, Harry didn’t notice until now because the other man was pushing against him, rubbing his body against his own. Harry didn’t have the chance to take the shirt off before this all started, but apparently Malfoy had been capable of kissing, pushing Harry against the wall and taking his shirt off at the same time. They pulled away, gasping for air that their lungs desperately needed. Harry knew that his lips had to look as flushed as Malfoy’s did and he groaned. He was kissing his school rival, how did this even come to be?

Malfoy smirked and took the chance to eye Harry up, down, and then up again. ‘Get your clothes off, Potter.’ Harry could have told him to fuck off, but he wanted this. Or maybe it had been that he needed it. While he pulled his shirt over his head, he heard him mutter a locking spell and groaned. They were really going to fuck in the male’s bathroom. It was vulgar and Harry had never done anything like this before, but it had excited him.

The blonde had turned to look at him when Harry was finished getting undressed and a predatory smirk graced his face. Harry felt uncomfortable, but didn’t squirm. He wasn’t going to let Malfoy get the better of him. The other male nodded and raised his eyes to meet Harry’s. ‘Well Potty, you actually have balls, who knew?'

Harry didn’t comment; he just lowered his hand to wrap it around his erection. He stroked it leisurely, well aware that Malfoy was watching his every move. His strokes started off short and slow, teasing himself to begin with, but then they grew faster and more desperate. He was so fucking turned on.

It didn’t take long before Malfoy chose to push his hand away and replace it with his own. His hand wasn’t as soft as Harry expected it to be and there was something hot about the slightly roughened up hand wrapped around Harry’s cock that turned him on even more. Malfoy licked his lips; he saw this before he closed his eyes and threw back his head. He groaned as the hand disappeared and Harry’s eyes flashed open again. He was going to protest, but didn’t. He wasn’t going to beg the man in front of him. If it had been anyone else, he might have.

Harry realized that Malfoy was taking his pants off and his eyes wandered over the pale skin. He couldn’t help but feel jealous that the other male not only had a bigger cock than he had, but bigger bollocks too. He was cut, in which Harry had to thank Merlin for (he always did prefer cut cocks), and he had to at least be 8 inches long full erect and it made Harry’s mouth water. He was thick too.

‘Like what you see, Potter?’

‘I’ve seen bigger, Malfoy.’ It had been a lie, but giving the other male a compliment was something he hadn’t planned on doing.

‘So you admit you’re a fag then?’

Harry didn’t reply and apparently Malfoy didn’t want one. He just stepped forward and pushed at Harry’s shoulder to push him down on his knees. His actions were rough, but he liked it, a lot. He didn’t care that his knees hurt as soon as they landed on the rough bathroom tiles; he was more concentrated on the large cock in front of his face. Harry wrapped his hand around it and moved it from left to right, watching in rapture as the thick cock bobbed from one side to the other. He leaned forward, his tongue darting out to taste the head and moaned at the tang.

'Knew you were a cock muncher,' Malfoy grabbed a fistful of Harry’s hair and pulled at it roughly, making the Gryffindor groan again. He opened his mouth and let the head of the cock sit on his tongue, teasing as he sucked lightly. The teasing didn’t last long, for mere seconds at the most, before Malfoy thrust his erection into Harry’s mouth, making the black haired male’s throat convulse in surprise. He turned his eyes upward and glared, but he didn’t have a chance to release it and say anything before the blonde was thrusting his cock in and out of Harry’s mouth, not caring that he was making the Gryffindor choke on it.

Harry knew this was a test to the blonde, a test to prove that he had the power and Harry wasn’t going to let him win. He wrapped his hand around the base of the dick and held it tightly, maybe a little too tightly. Malfoy hissed but didn’t say anything. He didn’t move as roughly, he couldn’t with the Gryffindor holding his dick so tightly, but the thrusts still continued. Harry moaned, just to send the vibrations down the sensitive organ in his mouth and he felt the other male tense. Now that he had some control back, he took more of the large dick into the suction of his mouth. He closed his eyes and ran his tongue along the underside, the salty taste bursting in his mouth. It had been a couple of months since he’d sucked a cock and Merlin, he had missed this taste.

‘Potter, you are taking too long,’ and there he went, ruining the moment for Harry. And then he remembered the hand had been in his hair because it pulled him away from the sweet tasting cock and turned to push him into a toilet stall. He held out his hands to steady himself. Malfoy was behind him and rubbing his dick, his very large dick, between Harry’s arse cheeks.

‘Malfoy,’ Harry had warned.

‘Yeah, yeah, Potter.’ Malfoy grabbed his wand, which he still held (which tended to make Harry feel a little uncomfortable, he had rid of his when his clothes had come off) and muttered a safe sex spell. And then he had been there again, pushing Harry against the wall. This time, his face was pressed against the cool wood and the blonde was behind him, his chest flat against his back. There were fingers there, at his hole and he pushed them into the tight passageway. Harry hissed, two months was a while for him, and had spread his legs further to accommodate the intrusion.

‘Careful, Malfoy,’ Harry snapped when he felt the pain intensify as the blonde pushed his third finger into his hole.

‘What are you, Potty? A girl?’ The fingers left his hole and Harry closed his eyes when he felt Malfoy’s cock at his entrance. There were no more words, just grunts as he pushed his large cock into Harry’s arse. Harry clenched his hands into fists and bit his lip as he felt the large organ being pushed into his body. It really was the biggest Harry had seen and it was certainly the biggest that had ever been inside of him. The blonde’s hand returned to his hair and pulled at it again. Harry can’t help but feel a little triumph when he hears the other mutter about how tight and good he felt but he was too busy worrying about the pain to say anything at the time. It didn’t take long before Malfoy was seated within him and they were both panting with need.

'Move, ferret.’ He actually did what he was told and Harry couldn’t help but cry out in pleasure. The thrusts are what he expected them to be. Fast and hard and each time, he was thrown against the wall. He can feel the grazes on his arms this time as he tried to steady himself against the wood each time the large cock is jammed into him. It felt good and he admitted to himself that Malfoy knew how to fuck. He had hoped that he didn’t, but Harry should have known by then that those hopes usually don’t come true. He widened his stance a little so he can get better leverage before Harry thrusted his hips backwards, meeting every thrust of Malfoy’s own hips. They both groan, Harry more so when he felt the cock brush against his prostate.

‘There, Malfoy,’ Harry demanded, his head turned to the side to get a better look at the blonde. Malfoy didn’t notice him looking and he had decided that the blonde looked good like this. His face had been flushed, sweat slithered down his forehead and cheeks and his mouth was open, panting as he moved his hips. When he did notice Harry looking though, he smirked and leaned forward, crushing his lips against Harry’s own. Their kiss was just as rough as before, but the added bonus being the fact that Malfoy was fucking him while they did it.

It didn’t last much longer and Harry felt his orgasm building. He broke the kiss and reached down to grab his erection. He pulled at it, desperately, and moans. His bollocks tightened and then his cock exploded, white come flying all over the wall he was pressed against. He knew his arse had tightened because Malfoy’s moans grew louder and then he came too, purposely slamming Harry’s head against the wall while doing so.

The Gryffindor hissed at the head butt, but he didn’t say anything. He was too busy catching his breath. Malfoy didn’t wait around, but Harry didn’t expect him too. He turned to see Malfoy giving him a smirk, pulling his cock out of his arse, muttering a cleaning spell and grabbing his clothes. Harry let him go, he doesn’t want to see the blonde after this and it’s not long before he heard the bathroom door slam close.

He hoped that no one would come in as he had walked to his own clothes and wand. Casting his own cleaning spelling, he put on his clothes, grimacing at the feeling of pain in his arse. It was good pain, the kind Harry liked. He didn’t stick around much longer after that. He had said his goodbyes to Hermione and Ron before leaving.

After that night, Harry never really thought about Malfoy or the fucking. He knew Malfoy never would have said anything to the Daily Prophet because it consisted of a pureblood like him, fucking the half blood Golden Boy. It hadn’t been until two months later that Harry really thought about it. He could still remember the illness and how it took a toll on his body. He had been so sick that the healers thought it had been some muggle disease. Except it wasn’t. All it took was for Healer Cormac McLaggen to do a scan and the diagnosis was there. At the time, Harry denied it.

He had learnt about the birds and the bees at the same time as Ron. Mr Weasley thought it had been best to give it to both of them. So when he went into talking about male pregnancy, Ron had turned green and asked his father to stop. He didn’t and at the time, he had given Harry a look. He knew now that Mr Weasley had a feeling he was gay. At least when Harry found out he was pregnant, Ron and Hermione knew he was gay as well. They asked who the father was, but Harry refused to tell them. He had told them it was for their own good.

It was a hard pregnancy, for everyone. They were all there to help him. Mrs Weasley liked cooking him food to eat (even the weird things that Harry unintentionally demanded), Ron gave him back massages (even if it had been a little awkward at first), Hermione gave him information as the pregnancy flew by, Mr Weasley had helped him set up the wizard style baby furniture and the rest of the Weasleys and family gave him moral support.

Hermione and Ron had been there with him during the birth, though Ron only lasted five minutes before he fainted. They still laugh about it when they look back. When Scorpius came out, he was a perfectly healthy boy, but even from that point, he couldn’t deny who the father was. Hermione knew straight away from the pure white blonde hair, grey eyes and pale face. He apologized to her profusely, but she had told him that she didn’t care. Her godson was there and that was all the mattered. Even Ron, when he came around, was accepting. He made jives about Malfoy whenever Harry mentioned him, of course, but that had been expected.

Overall, Scorpius had a loving family. Harry didn’t see why he needed his other father, what good would it have been anyway? Malfoy was a prat and the sex was just that, sex. They were never meant to make a baby. But here he was now, a six month old cuddled snugly in Harry’s arms, a smile curved on his little mouth.

“It’s okay, my little angel, I’m not going to let him into your life.” No, it wasn’t selfish. At least Harry didn’t think so. Not when it came to Malfoy.
Tags: !fiction, !harry potter, !slash, pairing: draco/harry, rating: nc-17, series: selfish, title: selfish, warning: graphic sex, warning: mpreg

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