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SO in 3x03, we meet the pirates. One, named Castus, takes interest… 
2nd-Mar-2013 06:12 pm

SO in 3x03, we meet the pirates. One, named Castus, takes interest in Nasir. UGH OH, YOU DID NOT GO THERE, CASTUS:

Agron is apparently the jealous type and doesn't like another man touching HIS man and shows it. HOT HOT HOT jealousy:

Agron has a little temper tantrum and Nasir is apparently turned on by Agron's jealous.:

SEX SEX SEX that comes out of it:

But in 3x04, things get a little heated when Agron sees Nasir with Castus. Apparently, jealousy has turned in possessiveness. And basically, Agron calls Nasir a whore in a way. NOT COOL, AGRON:

And then we get to 3x04 where Nasir will not put up with Agron's silent treatment. Agron, don't you remember he's a 'wild, little dog.' He will not be a possession. YOU TELL HIM, NASIR:

And now...well, we have to wait until the next episode to see what happens. *CRIES* They better not break up! They are a perfect couple! I will cry if they break up!! And it breaks my heart to see people saying that Nasir deserves better than Agron. Sure, Agron is being childish, but people should know by now that that's how Agron can be when he's scared. He clearly loves Nasir more than anything else in the world and he thinks their love in threatened and he's taking it out on Nasir, which isn't fair, I agree.

Agron is a gladiator, he's used to fighting, taking problems and using physical or verbal abuse as a weapon. See: him hitting Castus when Castus insulted him. People can't expect him to not feel threatened and lash out. Nasir knows this and I'm happy that Nasir is standing up and defending himself, but he's also putting Agron in his place which is what needs to happen. You can see Agron processing the fact that he's wrong because he is treating Nasir like a posession, like a Roman would to a slave. It's not fair, because Agron was one of the ones who offered Nasir his freedom from slavery and Agron realises this. He just needs more time to get his head out of his arse :P

And lastly, OMG WHY? WHY? WHY? They killed Sabinus!!! Not Sabinus! I think my heart just broke. The hardest part was, Tiberius' father made Tiberius do it just to harden Tiberius up. I can't imagine his pain, having to kill his lover/best friend/person he loved (whoever he was to Tiberius. We don't clearly know what that was because they didn't give them the chance to show us! But I'm going with all three).

Look at this:


I REALLY DID CRY AT THIS PART. NOOOO SABINUS. I LOVED YOU SO MUCH. So what was Tiberius' revenge on his father? He raped the woman his father loves while saying "He took something from me ... and I shall have something in return". Ugh oh. I have a feeling this isn't going to end well...

But I must take a moment to say that both Sabinus and Tiberius' actors did such a brilliant job! Their emotions...just wow.
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